We Must Resolve to Turn to Truth

For those of us familiar with church culture, we hear phrases that sound really awesome. But when it comes to applying them, do you ever feel at a loss? One of those phrases for me is, "I'm free in Christ". Recently, I feel stuck, isolated, frustrated, confused, hurt, and sad. I definitely don't feel free. At least not regularly. 

But, feelings aren't facts. Right? 

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Have you ever heard a song and immediately thought someone had a magnifying glass on your life when they wrote it? A song that spoke so clearly to your life at the time it was undeniable it was meant for you? This last year, that happened to me when I heard Kristine DiMarco singing, “Take Courage” while listening to a YouTube playlist.

One day, after listening to "Take Courage" I decided to look and see what inspired her to write this song. I found…

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RECOVERY: Part II (feat. Anger)

I searched and searched for resources; books, blogs, pastors, conferences, anything to help me navigate the enemy that is Addiction. Specifically, how to navigate walking through addiction with your spouse and what to do with all the emotions I had boiling up inside of me. So, after failing to find the resources I wanted I turned where any sane (or insane, depending on your perspective!) person would: counseling. 

To this day, I've spent countless hours…

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Different Direction

Since all of my writings tend to air on the side of really-real, in full transparency, I have no clue what God is about to reveal. Here's what I do know - He usually reveals truths and unravels mysteries to me through our writing sessions together. So that's cool! And, in light of said transparency, I received the following email about 45 minutes ago: 

Dear Kaitlyn,

Thank you for your patience as we were making decisions on the future of the Sales Manager position! Unfortunately,

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That was the day I found out my husband of 2.5 years was a drug addict. At this point in time (June 26, 2017)I'm currently sitting on the floor in an empty 1,020 square foot loft. Our furniture has been moved to a storage unit a few miles away from my parents' house in Prosper, TX. A 40-minute drive north of the Deep Ellum loft we moved into in the spring of 2013. 

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Obedient: Hupakouo

Isn’t it incredible how intimate our Father is? He knew this portion would never make it into the article for Propel. Not because it’s content wasn’t worthy but because I hadn’t fully realized all He was sharing with me. From a young age, I’ve labeled myself a writer. Growing up, I would write letters to my parents to express my emotions (usually ending in an apology for my sassiness!). There has always been this otherworldly connection I had to the spirit world, through the written word. Through writing, I grew to know….

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Spring 2014 I did something no soon-to-be wife should ever do without asking her soon-to-be husband.


Bringing our dog count from 1 to 2... Seeing as how our first fur-baby was named after Joshua's childhood favorite musician (Dolly Parton), we promptly named fur-baby number two, Ziggy Stardust

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The Fight

I really hate the enemy (aka the devil). He's an evil, conniving, ugly, and divisive manipulator of truth and light. He truly comes to stand in the way of all that God has for us. Or, as the apostle John wrote: 

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10

Until recent events, I can't with certainty tell you've I've ever experienced the fullness of righteous rage toward this heinous creature. Sure, I've felt the quakes of his attacks but 

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