Defining Your Personal Brand


Are you looking to impact 2015, or even just today, in a major way? Start by impacting yourself! Knowing who are, and what you stand for, is everything when trying to expand your network, make genuine connections with other people, and ultimately land the sale.

Here are four key questions from Dale Carnegie training you can ask yourself to help you establish a better understanding of your personal brand:

  1. I want to be known as a person who is: _____________.
  2. I am an expert at: ___________.
  3. I am unique because: _________.
  4. The value I bring to my network is: ________.

I promise you, answer these four questions and the sense of self you will achieve will absolutely help you toward your goal of a larger network, more sales, or BOTH…and this week!

Write down the answers to these questions, and then challenge yourself to expose the world to your personal brand by writing down FIVE people you can reach out today / tomorrow. Contact those people and be prepared to talk about your business…but do so with a renewed sense of self!