Mobilize Your Network + Grow Your Book of Business

How are you mobilizing your network to help you grow your business + monthly paychecks?

Contrary to popular belief Facebook can help your business blossom. However, you are responsible for making it work! But how?

1. Set up your Business Page - Having a Facebook page will make your business discoverable, help you stay connected, provide insightful information on your customers and it will allow you to reach a large group of people .

2. Identify your Audience -  Using your Facebook Business Page will help you reach your existing network of people. It will also allow you to reach specific people; people who can certainly become your customers! The key here is not in the number of “likes” but rather in making sure that you are engaging with people on your page in a genuine fashion. If you can do this, you will have an entire network ready, and willing, to mobilize and spread your message! Consider inviting friends to “like” your page, and share your page on your own. Get involved with local businesses and business contacts. Share your information to their pages and websites and watch your engagement increase!

3. Create Compelling Content -  People want entertainment! Think about your audience and what is interesting or inspiring to them? Try different types of posts until you find the kind that really draws them into your message. If you are authentic, responsive and consistent you will be successful. When you target your message to the right audience, it will be heard.

4. Advertise - Now that you've grown your target audience, now is the time to increase that audience. A great way to do this is through using Facebook Ads! You can do this right from your admin panel by selecting the ad create tool. Please note that ads will NOT work if you don't already have a strong community presence on your page. If you're confident that community is there be sure you fine-tune your target messaging so that you can maximize the return on your investment!

5. Measure and Adjust - Now that you tried Facebook Ads you can measure how that ad is performing. Consider polling your audience to find out how they heard about your page! To keep up to date on your Facebook Page activity go to your Page Insights tab.

How are you mobilizing your network to help you grow your business + monthly paychecks?