Social Networking Made Easy!

Whether you're new to social entrepreneurship or a seasoned business owner, the same rules apply - to gain traction in your business, it comes down to just one thing....

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The answer is rather simple: get in front of as many people, in-person, as possible. Posting on an empty Facebook page isn't going to drive your business forward. While it would be nice for our businesses to be successful with just a few Facebook posts, tweets, or your Mom buying one of everything... It, unfortunately, doesn't work this way. So, what's a social entrepreneur to do?

1. Set a Goal: There's a thought that runs through every entrepreneur and salesman's  mind; "People don't like being sold to." False. When the thought arises - overcome it! It can be daunting to ask for the loan, to invest all of your savings or to even share your business plan!  But, when you don't act, and you wait for others to make a move, you're taking the power out of your hands. It's like you're waiting for someone to fulfill your dreams - and no one should have that much power over your future, except for you!

2. Daily Outreach + Networking: When you reach out to others, on a daily basis, you are actively putting your and your business in front of the public. I assure you that your community, and customers, are hearing your message this way! (Better than a Facebook post with five likes all from family members, right?) This simple act is going to help you gain the attention your business deserves, and you'll be able to see the fruits of your labor faster than any other outreach via social media. The more outreach and networking opportunities you take, in-person, the better! You'll begin to see that people not only respect your business, but they respect you.

3. Get Social (the Old-Fashioned Way!): When you put yourself out there to meet new people, you are gaining attention and expanding your business. Networking events, social gatherings, and local fundraising events are fantastic opportunities to meet new people, showcase your business and share the news of what you have to offer.

While it can be challenging to stay focused, it's important to always remember that in all you do, you are building a foundation for success. If you want your business to have the attention it deserves, you have to go out and make it happen! So, what are you going to do today (+ every day) to gain traction for your business?

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