Sales + Basketball

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Ten seconds until the game buzzer. Will you shoot a hail mary or do you have a plan lined up to finish the game ahead?

We’ve all been there; the end of the month is days away and we’re dollars away from reaching our monthly goals. What do you do to finish strong and end up on top?

  1. Bank Shot: In basketball terms this is when the ball is bounced off the backboard and lands in the basket. So, who’s your bank shot? All those customers who show interest but haven’t made a move yet. This is their turn to experience the pleasure of working with YOU! Call, text, chat, send a newsletter or meet up with potential customers this week… or maybe even today! Establish that relationship and go for the shot. If you don’t get it this time, there’s always a rebound shot!
  2. Dunk: In the game this is a creative shot used to intimidate opponents. Your dunk can be whatever you want it to be in order to impress your ideal client! Ever tried a giveaway or a flash sale? Give it a try right now! Get creative with your end of month sales pitches and it’ll be a slam dunk for sure!
  3. Dream Team: Originally famous for winning the gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, you too can have your own dream team of gold medal winners! Who, you ask? Your biggest supporters, shoppers, followers + of course fellow lady bosses! Reach out to other women in your field, or your coach, for advice. Then, give your supporters + clients a call TODAY and ask how you can serve them this week. Do they have an event tor program on the horizon? Maybe they’ve had a rough week at work and could use a pick-me-up and a call from YOU could do just the trick! Remember, you never know until you ask!
  4. Draft: The NBA uses a draft to bring in new players. When was the last time you actively sought out new players for your home team of customers? Post up at the local coffee shop, wine bar this week; browse local boutiques, salons, grocery stores or community events tomorrow afternoon. Keep an eye out for your ideal client! 
  5. Free Throw: These are taken from the foul line and they’re worth 1 point. That 1 point can make or break a game. Take a look at your book of business (your customer / contact list). Who’s your free throw? It’s always worth a shot to reach out to someone, to just ask for the sale, to offer your service. Why? Because there’s always a chance you’ll make the shot! If you’ve practiced your 30 second elevator pitch, you are passionate about your business and you’ve earned their trust then you can make that free throw! Will you take the shot?

Alright LADY BOSSES', it’s Game Clock time during the fourth quarter (that means time is almost up and the game is almost over!). How are your goals looking for September?There’s no overtime available, are you pivoting your feet to make sure all areas of the court have been touched? What’s your end of month game strategy?

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