Kaitlyn Stephens is the author of "Think like Jesus: A Five Week Devotional for Lady Bosses". She resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband Joshua.

Raised in a Christian home, Kaitlyn grew up knowing and loving Jesus. After experiencing her first love and subsequent heartbreak, Kaitlyn wrestled with her identity for years. Her sole desire was to be "successful". She sought monetary success and social status for the better part of a decade. And, after years of climbing the corporate ladder within the fashion industry, Kaitlyn decided to take success into her own hands by branching out on her own to teach other women how to be "successful". 

God had other plans. Through her journey to teach success practices to other women, she came to realize that God was showing HER that true success could only be found in Him. 

Kaitlyn now works as a writer for various outlets, and desires to reach the hearts of women across the nation to tell them that they are already a success in the eyes of Jesus! 



"Encourager; Heart-focused leader; a good listener; full of ideas; exceptional at communicating;  talented at explaining concepts; devoted to and a follower of Jesus, her husband and others; creative thinker; thinks outside the box; intentional writer; lover of people and works hard at understanding an individual to make them feel special and loved; loves the Bible and willing to learn and be challenged; honest; truthful with herself and others"

— Cheryl Scruggs, Author of I Do Again


'It's rare that you come across someone with as infectious a spirit as Kaitlyn.  We had the pleasure of meeting professionally, where it was clear that her leadership skills were second to none. As our friendship grew I became even more impressed with her integrity and resolve to empower people through her writing and her general character.  With her engaging spirit, Kaitlyn is a consistent source of encouragement and authenticity.  I am humbled to be able to surround myself with someone who isn't afraid to speak truth in love through her brand and personal outreach.  Kaitlyn has proven to be an exceptional influencer, and I am thankful to call her friend.'

— Kalie Williams , Lead Pastor of HighView Church