Hi Friend! 

I'm Kaitlyn Stephens

My love for writing began at a young age! Quickly, I discovered writing was a healthy way for me to convey my emotions and have meaningful conversations. Over the years, writing became a task in the form of homework, term papers, job applications and work reports. Ultimately, my aspirations to develop writing skills dwindled as I began to set my eyes on a successful career in the fashion jewelry industry. 

After a few years in the workforce, I set out in my own direction. I think it's safe to say it was definitely a quarter-life crisis! That beautifully broken time in life lead me down a road that sent me running me back into the loving arms of my Heavenly Father. Oh, and I wrote and self published my very first book as a result! You can check it out here: Think Like Jesus: A Five-Week Devotional for Lady Bosses!

I pray as you read the words on these pages you are filled with hope, encouraged to persevere through trials, inspired to share your own journey with others and are filled with an unquenchable desire to grow to know your Maker more intimately than ever before!  


"Encourager; Heart-focused leader; a good listener; full of ideas; exceptional at communicating; talented at explaining concepts; devoted to and a follower of Jesus, her husband and others; creative thinker; thinks outside the box; intentional writer; lover of people and works hard at understanding an individual to make them feel special and loved; loves the Bible and willing to learn and be challenged; honest; truthful with herself and others"

— Cheryl Scruggs, Author of I Do Again + Host of Thriving Beyond Belief Podcast

"Kaitlyn- I have no idea how far along I would be on this #ladyboss journey without her! Let's just say, I'd probably still be praying about it (which we should definitely always do) but her encouragement helped me see how God was wanting to move in my life. She has poured into me so many strategies, approaches, ideas, and scripture on how to strengthen not just my business but my faith. The confidence that I have now because of all the advice she has given me is what's helped me walk boldly into and through many unknown parts of the entrepreneur life. Your writings inspire women all over, including this girl right here. I feel so honored to call you my BFF and sister in Christ."

— Kayla Rae Combs, Founder of The Makeup Story

"It's rare that you come across someone as infectious a spirit as Kaitlyn. We had the pleasure of meeting professionally, where it was clear her leadership skills were second to non. As our friendship grew I became even more impressed with her integrity and resolve to empower people through her writing and her general character. With her engaging spirit, Kaitlyn is a consistent source of encouragement and authenticity. I am humbled to be able to surround myself with someone who isn't afraid to s peak truth in love through her brand and personal outreach. Kaitlyn has proven to be an exceptional influencer and I am thankful to call her friend."

— Kalie Williams , Lead Pastor of HighView Church